Dance Tucson
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Dance Tucson creates comprehensive programs designed around the individual goals of clients.  We provide excellent, advanced teachers and coaches to work with students to achieve their short-term and long-term goals.  It is our priority to ensure top competitive rates for dance instruction and program plans that clients can tailor to their schedules and financial comfort.

First Lesson Special

This special allows students to 'try-out' dancing at a greatly reduced price. This option can only be used once per person/couple for an introductory special lesson. Others can be purchased as gift certificates for other people.



  • One 50-minute dance lesson + consultation

  • Cost $45


A pay-as-you-go plan is for students that are more comfortable with low up-front cost or need classes to fit around their schedules.



  • One 50-minute dance lesson

  • Consultation on short-term & long-term goals

  • Cost $70

Bulk Package


Bulk packages are best for students who know taking dance lessons is for them and want to commit to a longer program and start saving money immediately.



  • Ten 50-minute dance lessons

  • Tracking short-term & long-term dance goals

  • Discounted rates for scheduled group classes and coachings

  • Cost $650 ($65 per lesson)